1993 - 1996


When "Anna" came to live with us aged 8 months we just knew there was something really special about her. She fitted in straight away, accepted her place in the pecking order, never wanting to be "Top Dog". She was by Champion Mayson Paperchase x Champion Anastasia at Mayson and possessed the most gentlest temperament she was a real little lady. Anna had a favourite place, lying on the patio step looking out over the garden, mistress of all she surveyed.

 From her first show it became obvious that she was a natural show girl, head up, tail up always wanting to please. At her last judging engagement, Miss Betty Penn Bull awarded Anna Best in Show at the STB & EA Open Show July 30th 1995. Anna won her first Reserve CC at Bath 1995 under Mickey Daltrey, her first CC came at Windsor the same year under Carol Annan when she also went Best of Breed and Terrier Group 2. Her 2nd CC and Best in Show was at The Scottish Terrier Club of Scotland (1995) under Dan Ericsson, her crown was gained the same year at Darlington under Derrick Parrish.

1996 and Anna won the CC at the STB & EA, under Alan Gill,  the RCC at Crufts under Doreen Blackstone, CC & BOB at National Terrier under Jane Miller and the RCC at Bath under Brenda Holt bringing her total wins to 5 CC's, 3 with Best of Breed and 3 RCC.

 July 1996 and Anna was mated to Tamzin Total Encore resulting in a litter of 4 (3 males, 1 bitch) born September 19th. Unfortunately a dog and the bitch were lost early on then tragically we lost Anna when the two surviving males were 4 weeks old. Registered Glenheath Tribute and Glenheath Tribune (Tribute went to live with John & Susan Gaskell and was campaigned for a while winning a RCC). It is through Tribune that Anna's line continues.

Glenheath Tribute at Mayson

Our world fell apart when we lost Anna but, to have her son, granddaughters, a great grandson & great granddaughter & great great granddaughter sharing our lives means that Anna is never far away from us. Anna has her rose in our garden a beautiful sweet smelling, baby pink rose, simply called Anna.

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Anna age 10 months

  Anna winning Terrier Group 2 - Windsor 1995