I was delighted to receive a call from 'Canine Photographer' Alan V Walker early April 2007 asking if he could use some of the Glenheath Scotties on a photo shoot for the magazine 'Dogs Monthly' who were to feature an article on the Scottish Terrier in their August edition. Of course I was happy to oblige. The location was to be Himley Hall, once the stately home of the Earls of Dudley,  a place close to where I live with beautiful grounds designed by Capability Brown. The first date was cancelled due to bad weather, however the following week the sun shone and the ground had dried up sufficiently to allow photographs to be taken. Champion Glenheath Blueprint, Glenheath Cosmopolitan and Glenheath Chit Chat were chosen as models and were joined by Fairig Indulgence (Daisy) and so the fun began. Scotties are not the easiest breed to photograph and to get the shot's required by Dogs monthly took quite a while, coupled with a lot of patience and I must say a whole lot of laughter. Three hours and what seemed like hundreds of shots later Alan was happy with what he had taken, the final choice would be that of Dogs Monthly. Below is a selection of Alan's work, some of which appeared in the magazine.

Left to Right

Champion Glenheath Blueprint, Glenheath Chit Chat, Glenheath Cosmopolitan & Fairig Indulgence.


Fairig Indulgence & Champion Glenheath Blueprint

Blueprint, Chit Chat & Cosmopolitan


Champion Glenheath Blueprint Glenheath Cosmopolitan Glenheath Chit Chat


Fairig Indulgence


Head Study's

Blueprint Cosmopolitan Chit Chat Fairg Indulgence